ALT on Dezeen

Brenden Mersey @ 2020-08-07 10:09:19 -0700

Science, aeronautics and NASA inspired the Very Polite Agency's packaging design for ALT, a liquid cannabis product for people who want a mind-expanding rather than purely medicinal high.

ALT on The Dieline

Brenden Mersey @ 2020-08-14 13:35:50 -0700

There are 78 million Americans that live in states where recreational marijuana is legal, but in Canada, it is legal everywhere for over 37 million Canucks. However, curious consumers aren’t the only ones experimenting with the kind herb, as intrepid folks are hard at work in the lab, tinkering and toying with cannabis to create new ways of getting high that don’t involve taking hits out of some sketchy apparatus MacGyvered together by your stoner pals.

ALT on TrendHunter

Brenden Mersey @ 2020-08-14 13:38:33 -0700

There has been a rise in demand for THC- and CBD-powered products as marijuana becomes more socially acceptable and one of the more cutting-edge innovations in this space is ALT — premium liquid cannabis that is fast-acting, flavorless, and odorless.