How Do I Use ALT?

ALT is a highly adaptable, zero calorie, zero sugar enhancement that can be added to any beverage. Simply remove the cap, select your dose referencing the measure indicators on the side of each vial, and pour into your beverage of choice for a completely unique cannabis experience.

What Kind Of Beverages Should I Mix ALT Into?

ALT was designed to be as flavor neutral as possible in order to be mixed easily with a variety of beverages. Some of our favorite drinks to infuse ALT with include coffee, tea, pre or post-workout smoothies, juices, kombuchas, and seltzers.

What Kind Of Effect Can I Expect From ALT?

The ALT effects are more similar to vaping or smoking flower than to taking an edible. ALT delivers a precise, consistent, hybrid-like mind and body euphoria developed to be experienced both day and night. Our measured vials allow you to precisely dose THC to enhance your time — whether you are socializing with friends, seeking a mid-day boost, or unwinding with a mocktail at the end of your day.

ALT was designed for Recreational Self-Improvement™ and Enhancing Human Potential™.

How Quickly Will I Feel ALT’s Effects?

ALT users will experience a rapid yet smooth onset, between 5-15 minutes.

Why Do I Feel ALT’s Effects So Fast?

ALT Premium Liquid Cannabis starts absorbing immediately as it’s consumed. By using a proprietary pharmaceutical grade technology, ALT breaks down cannabis into incredibly tiny particles known as nanoparticles. This in combination with carefully selected natural ingredients incorporated in just the right ratios, allows the user to experience increased absorption of the cannabis, also known as greater bio-availability. Greater bioavailability translates into greater effects.

How Much ALT Should I Take The First Time I Try It?

ALT vials allow for multiple servings. We recommend starting with half of a vial and increasing the dose to meet your needs after the initial effects are realized. ALT has a rapid onset (5-15 minutes) allowing you to quickly determine if you want to consume more or stay right where you are.

How Does ALT’s Precision Dosing Work?

ALT’s easy-to-use individual glass vials have milligram markings ranging from 1mg-10mg designed for targeted, precision dosing. The cap on each vial of ALT is a perfect 1ML (1-2mg depending on vial type) measuring tool ensuring you find your perfect dose.

How Long Do The Effects Last? When Should I Take More?

ALT’s effects typically last between 2-3 hours depending on the individual and dose. We recommend starting with a lower dose (2-3mg for those new to cannabis, 3-5mg for those with experience) and waiting 30 minutes before deciding whether to consume more ALT.

How Is ALT’s High Different From An Edible?

ALT delivers a euphoric lift that is less intense and faster acting (onset is 5-15 mins) than edible products, which can take an hour or more to feel. ALT’s effects are immediate, clean, and similar in feeling to smoking, making it the perfect product for starting low until you FIND YOUR FLOW

How Is The ALT Experience Different From A Vape?

ALT’s effects are cleaner, more functional, and smoother, allowing you to build the perfect euphoric buzz without the harsh effects of diluents, fillers, and other harmful additives commonly found in vapes.

How Is The ALT Experience Different From Smokeable Flower?

ALT provides a similar but ultimately superior mind and body euphoria compared to smokable options, and does not negatively impact the lungs like smoking does.

How Is ALT Different From Other Cannabis “drinkables”?

ALT is a completely versatile Premium Liquid Cannabis product. Unlike the pre-flavored, pre-mixed, often high in sugar cannabis drinks currently available in market, ALT is a flavor neutral, zero calorie, sugar-free, beverage enhancement. ALT is vegetarian, vegan, keto, and paleo friendly.

Furthermore, most cannabis beverages lack a fast and consistent onset and offset. ALT provides rapid onset (5-15 minutes) and a predictable offset (2-3 hours).

Can I Cook With ALT Or Use It In Hot Beverages?

ALT can be mixed into any beverage, hot or cold. We do not recommend cooking with ALT at extreme temperatures as you might experience cannabis degradation.

How Is ALT Made?

ALT starts with the highest quality THC distillate and uses the company’s proprietary nanotechnology process to decrease the particle size of cannabis, increasing the bioavailability and efficacy for the user.

What Are ALT’s Ingredients?

We keep it simple with the highest quality cannabis distillate, distilled water, lecithin, and natural flavors.

What Are The Benefits Of Microdosing Cannabis?

Micro-dosing cannabis allows you to integrate THC safely and easily into your daily routine. By taking small amounts of cannabis throughout the day, consumers have reported an improvement in productivity, focus, creativity, calm, mood, sleep, and much more.

Think of ALT’s 5mg and 10mg micro-dose formulas as the keys to a productive, sustainable euphoria. It’s simply you, enhanced.

Does ALT Have A Higher Dose Available?

ALT is currently available in 5mg and 10mg vials with 20mg and 100mg products soon to be released. It’s important to note that ALT’s technology allows for far greater absorption (i.e., bioavailability) of cannabis into the body. This translates into stronger effects and a completely unique euphoria when compared milligram to milligram with other beverage and edible products.

Does ALT Have A CBD Formula Available?

ALT will be launching Hemp CBD products in 2021 that will be available to purchase domestically and internationally through this website.

Where Can I Get ALT?

ALT is now available at select dispensaries in California. See our store locator for dispensary locations and delivery options.

Please continue to visit us here and on instagram at @altlife for dispensary updates, cannabis news, and all things associated within living the ALTLIFE.